The window people coming through my door
They don’t seem to understand what the doorbell’s for
And without any explanation, they begin their renovation
They unroll their plastic covers on my floor
The window people drilling through my wall
They ignore the plasterboard disaster in the hall
And under some unknown directive, they accomplish their objective
They don’t register my presence here at all

They can’t be stopped, or fought, or reasoned with
They can’t be slowed, controlled or bargained with
They can’t be trained, contained, explained away
They just move forward

The window people swarming down my street
Showing businessmen where they can shop, work, play and eat
Can’t you picture yourself in those flats with insulated windows?
City living with less noise and better heat
Now there’s a new tenant moving in
There’s a new designer shelf where my old shelf had been
But I’m still sleeping in the corner, eat my cornflakes in the morning
Tell my stories with nobody listening

The window people knocking down my door
Susting off a skeleton they found beneath the floor
And with advanced archaeology, try to expand their knowledge
About life before the third and fourth world wars
But when they blow it up, they leave those bones behind
After all, there wasn’t much of use that they could find
It was just another hot mess in the name of urban progress
Just a casualty of entropy and time...


from This was Inevitable, released October 18, 2019


all rights reserved



Lousy Moon Records Frankfurt, Germany

Lousy Moon Records is an independent record label based in Frankfurt/Germany. It releases limited vinyl editions and digital only albums and eps. All genres are welcome.

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