Code Won't Write Itself

from by Glassberg & The Disasters



My grandpa was a miner, my father was a miner
I followed right behind them like a dutiful son
Down in the Appalachians, I worked for subpar wages
For blisters on my fingers and for black dust in my lungs
Until the day our foreman, he gathered up his core men
Said, “hell, I hate to tell you but your mining days are through
But no need for complaining, you’ll undergo retraining
It’s time to join the modern world, it’s time to start anew”

And that code won’t write itself, boys, that code won’t write itself

Fast forward five years later, I’m at an incubator
My desk is ergonomic and my boss could be my kid
I’ve developed an efficient new mining algorithm
That tells a robot arm to do the tasks that I once did
My palms are getting soft now, I hardly ever cough now
Those years down in the mines are just a blip on my CV
“Full stack is my new bedrock”’s the title of my TED talk
Old colleagues call from hospitals to say they’re proud of me

And that code won’t write itself, boys, that code won’t write itself

I’ve got this Marxist cousin, campaigns for basic income
He’ll never know the feeling of a chisel hitting stone
And though I’ve tried explaining, I can’t say that I blame him
For busting up the windows of my new vacation home
Because yesterday, that boss kid, he called me to his office
Said “thank you for your service, sir, I hope you understand
That this new script we’re running makes personnel redundant
Why don’t you try a hobby, maybe something with your hands?”

And that code will write itself, boys, that code will write itself


from This was Inevitable, released October 18, 2019


all rights reserved



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