Blood Run Free

by The Johns



Produced by Ben Fries (winner for best documentary score at SXSW)
and Philip Mossman (former guitarist of LCD Soundsytem), “Blood Run Free” is the first single of the upcoming Johns album “Forge” (Concierge Records/Lousy Moon Records).

Gender tickling frontman Johnny Dydo's rock-hard song writing, which often draws comparisons to that of Lou Reed and David Berman of The Silver Jews, sits comfortably and intensely with the band's Caribbean polyrhythms and otherwise beachy vibes.

“Blood Run Free” is a lyrical labyrinth of a murder ballad. Blood sprays “like demons spewed as embodied lyric of some devil's catharsis and into that dreaded evenness,” but the protagonist's philosophized violence points to a subtler, more elemental nightmare: “You scared of me? You should be
more scared of the wind that feeds me, and the water that puts me out.”

New York filmmaker and performance artist Erica Schreiner stays with these themes in the “Blood Run Free” music video. Seven minutes of video art shot on a VHS camera combine performance art and choreography through the use of stop motion animation to interpret the lyrics. Mossman's swirling and soaring guitar lines are propelled by punishing drums, a galloping bass line, and auxiliary percussion. With influences ranging from post-punk to cumbia to film-score music, the sonic assault sounds nothing like any of them.



Lumbered down the street pushing garbage cans over as I did so
Fixin to render you like a flower cut down to be tributing into
The love between two people like that you're absorbed by my story
I regurgitated and then took more of the Georgi
Will this love turn rancid who's to say
You go to the window it's pressed against my face
The sympathetic perceptions revealed in my work
Are folded upon themselves and completely disconnected from the matter at hand the ancient berserk

The gathered shifted there weight in a procedure
With the uniform recurrence of the following sequence
On six feel my use unmixed with anything
Prayer's action and function disturbed on four and seven
Darkness seen without light of course on two there is no eight
On five the asymptotically microtonal horns of rape
I make you heavy in my source of substance on three
On one you're recalibrated by the sheer bulk of me

Your fate's predicted with a supernatural influence's aid
I put my question inside you my destiny's ordained
You wish that there were at least one more way of answering
You say "I do" as if you had some kind of agency
The reason for which you exist is exposed
Death is the bridegroom and you the betrothed
He lifts your veil you think he's inclining your head for the kiss
But his hand's contorting your face he starts to shuffle and hiss

Come on baby i'ma get inside you entire
Love me til you scream love me til you scream
Now wrench it outta place
Let the stress cause the alteration
Now pervert meaning and form
Tear your hair out and punch yourself in the head

After I kill a man
I am sad
I am scared
And I'm mad
For woman

When I free you head from neck it's as if all that all of your blood
Had ever wanted to do since conception was
Escape its cage which it now did like demons spewed as embodied lyric
Of some devil's catharsis and into that dreaded evenness
Geneses' positions fixed to the face the breasts
Logic brought to a ripple greedily expressed
Over concretions of mineral and earth material
Dark chemistry forever drowning and inevitable

Got home exhausted took a seat in the kitchen with the overhead
For a handful of seconds like a rock I suffered its fluorescence
And then it blew out and I continued to sit I that exploded obscurity
Accomplished in a position of supporting my spiritual instrumentality
I got a spot soft to the point of forfeiting it's right to exist
Anything resembling mercy's found only in indifference

You scareda me?
You should be more scared of the wind that feeds me
And the water that puts me out


released May 31, 2019


all rights reserved



Lousy Moon Records Frankfurt, Germany

Lousy Moon Records is an independent record label based in Frankfurt/Germany. It releases limited vinyl editions and digital only albums and eps. All genres are welcome.

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