North Star

by Jim Reed

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I’m not that jolly I’m hardly the heart of the party I’m a classic wallflower I got the kind of attitude some people call sour But when you talk to me When your words are in the air The injustice of the world starts to feel fair And my feet start to tap To an ‘80s tune Oh I hate dancing But tonight I would dance with you Are you all on your own How do you know the host with the gotee He’s a friend of my ex-girlfriend Two days ago I told her that it’s the end Standing here with you I forgot about I thought I was another man But now I doubt it Still I think it would be good To try with someone new Oh I never danced with her But tonight I would dance with you We’re not lovers But we’re not nothing How pointless it is To imagine something Still I can’t deny it And I wish I could try it Oh I hate dancing but tonight I would dance with you I won’t say it will be easy I won’t say it will be peaches and beaches I’m a classic love addict But I got you on my mind And my God if we clicked It feels so right today With your words in the air The injustice of a broken heart Just feels fair And my hands start to clap To a ‘90s tune Oh I hate dancing But tonight I would dance with you I hate dancing But tonight I would dance with you
Ella Fox 03:09
We were marching down a German street And my steps were in time with your feet But I couldn’t be cool or confident Darling you know you destroy me You have got my number Ella Fox And it would be a blunder To keep my heart in a box How has it been only 40 days? Somehow this young love, it sits and it stays But I wouldn’t go brag Hide from the Gods Come in the dark now Enjoy me You have got my number Ella Fox And it would be a blunder To keep my heart in a box So I’ll give you the password To all my locks Punch it in and I’ll open E-l-l-a-f-o-x All of my love You can do what you want with it You have got my number You don’t have to wonder I’m already open Ella Fox
If I’d never left home would we have met I don’t like looking back, I don’t like regret Last New Year’s eve my life looked set But still I hadn’t found you yet I don’t have money coming out of my ears All I got on you girl are a couple of years If you’re looking for someone to ease your fears Honey, I’m gon’ be right here How do you love somebody And not try to change them How do you love somebody And stay their friend How do you love somebody Who you’re having sex with How do we love And pretend That it won’t end You might be a Yankee, it don’t bother me You might be living another reality All I have is faith that you see what I see And that’s why it’s so scary You make me feel clean, you make me feel good When I talk I feel understood Any day now it might go wrong, yeah it could Honey, love burns like firewood I don’t ever want to stand in your way God knows you’re smarter than the things I say God knows we’re not the kind of people that pray So I’ll see you in hell one day I love how your eyes shine I love how your hand fits in mine You’re pretty good at hitting the ball down the line Honey I think we’ll be fine
Another batch of emails Flip a coin, I don’t care Head or tails The plant on my desk is dying Could go to the bathroom But I don’t feel like crying Don’t stress, Rena It’s gonna be a helluva week But you’re gonna see The other side Doesn’t anybody else work here Does anybody else Hear what I hear If I have to go to another meeting It’s gonna be death from Over heating Hold your head, hold it high We’ll sing you to sleep Ella and I And Josephina, wherever she is Has a smile So take all your troubles And put ‘em down a little while Put ‘em down a little while
Tell me every story that you know After you left home, where did you go Tell my about you mother Tell me about our father Do you think I look like him What makes you calm down How do you keep a clean house What will life be like When the boys move out I can read your thoughts Coming through the telephone I can read your thoughts After waiting so long Tell me mornings when you said it’s gotta end After you were betrayed by a friend When I talk about it, always tell me To move on What was your first car How did you get where you are What kind of music gets you going Gets you high I can read your thoughts Coming through the telephone I can read your thoughts After waiting so long When you are ready Sister Cindy Tell me everything And a little bit more
One random morning She did appear I sat at the table And it was clear I’m her Knight of Cups And she’s my Guillotine Girl Even before the blow Cartoon birdies swirl And she cuts off my head She cuts off my head So just my heart is left I’ve seen a whole lot But God damn, those eyes And when she sings My doubts capsize Off with my head Off with my head So just my heart is left
Lez Jump 03:50
Let’s jump, let’s jump There’s a swimming pool of happiness below It’s not a concrete slab, it’s not a deadly blow So let’s jump, let’s go A cartoon version of Superman Is standing on the ledge next to you He’s got jell in his hair and you can see his underwear And he’s mumbling, “Let’s jump” I’m not saying I’m you’re only love I’m not saying I will never die I just said it might make sense to try To do something dumb like fly What do I care, what do I care If I lose when I land If the fall breaks my balls What do I care, gimme your hand
I'm Coming 02:53
Teleport me to your little cottage house I won’t wake your roommates, I’m a quiet mouse But you can be loud Tell me, did you really kiss me in your dreams Tell me how it felt for you, tell me everything I will be here online If you have a little time You can roam free in my mind A fox like you is hard to find Never tell me puzzle pieces, soulmate shit Baby we are both too old to bite that bit But seriously, does it fit When you wake up, say my name And I’m coming I’m coming Do you have a thunderstorm where you are On this side it’s exploding in my heart
Worthy 03:58
I wish I knew what was wrong Why this anxiety hangs over me I fell in love with someone good and It scares me to my core My eyes are blurry, my heart is sore And there’s a dark voice whispering You’re not worthy You don’t deserve this No I’ve been here before But I’ve felt more nervous Does anyone know Is this the right way, is this the wrong way To feel around a woman Let’s google it baby Check our sign or maybe Just tell me Despite all the bad stuff that I’ve done Despite my dad gut Despite my terrible game Despite my common name Despite being so old Ok, I know I’m not that old And yes, of course Despite my divorce Despite being annoying And disappointing And just because I really do love you I am worthy I’m working on it and I feel it Working I am worthy I deserve this I have earned it
North Star 04:46
I sit by the window and listen to a starling I marvel at how I met you darling How I found you, how I found out your name How crazy it is that you feel the same So I follow you, yes I follow you Though the way is so far I stay on course ‘cause I know where you are And I follow you, yes I follow you My north star When you send a sign to say that you love me I flip the fuck out and feel so lucky Time is ticking, how long could you wait Kicking a can just outside heaven’s gate I follow you, yes I follow you


released April 25, 2020


all rights reserved



Lousy Moon Records Frankfurt, Germany

Lousy Moon Records is an independent record label based in Frankfurt/Germany. It releases limited vinyl editions and digital only albums and eps. All genres are welcome.

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